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Advancing Business, Education, Workforce, and Community

EB3 offers consulting and project management to businesses and individuals in Northern California. We specialize in cutting through the red tape so that you can focus on growing your business.

Jerry Uhland, CEO of CalPlant

I am the owner operator of the world’s first rice straw-based medium density fiberboard (MDF) plant—a $450 million project.  I began working with Jody at the start of construction in 2017 due to a myriad of issues our greenfield construction and startup company was experiencing, and it was Jody’s energy, creativity, and her vast network that were the catalysts for resolving the issues. If a company or project in northern California needs assistance, the first person you should contact is Jody Samons!          

EB3 Services


This is where success starts, whether the path leads to a four year college or career technical education. Quality resources abound in the north state. Let us connect you to your future.

  • Scholarships

  • Financing Your Education

  • Aptitude Evaluation


Navigating the waters from start up to success can be overwhelming for entrepreneurs. Passion for the project sometimes puts the cart before the horse.  We are here to provide basic information and connect your enterprise to resources that will move your business forward.

  • Siting and Expansion

  • Business Plan Development

  • Next Step Identification

  • Startup Resource Inventory


People are the happiest when they thrive in their careers, enjoy great health and fitness, are well-connected with friends and family, and have a vision for the future. Projects that build strong, resilient communities are our specialty.

  • Nonprofit Administration/Filing

  • Focus Group/Seminar Facilitation

  • Grant Application/Administration

  • Project Management

  • Event Planning/Management


A business is only successful with a strong, productive, happy workforce. We are here to help you determine the required skill set, recruit, train and grow your team.

  • Recruitment Events

  • Training Resources

Preferred Partners

There are many choices for the services you need.

We have found these providers to be top notch.


IT Consulting


Video and



Graphic Design

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